Product Creation

GWA can offer highly innovate and dynamic thinking to generating new product and service concepts and have a track record in this.  We are comfortable working with the commercial teams within a business to review and develop user requirements and map them into concept offerings.  We have strong links with creative design specialists  to help develop brand and look and feel to these concepts.

Architectural Design and Technology Assessment

We believe the correct structure to a product or service offering is vital to its performance, longevity and competitiveness.  We can take chosen market requirements and identify and capture the best solutions to realise the product or service concept.  Where needed we can work with internal and external technical specialists and teams to cover all the technical requirements and facilitate the architectural definition.

Interim Technical Management

We approach our technical management consultancy from a practical practitioner’s viewpoint.  We believe a mix of up to date design experience, technical appreciation alongside appropriate project management regimes is needed to deliver results.