GWA was founded by:


Justin Pisani

Justin has a record of innovating in professional communications and wireless healthcare.  He started his career as a trainee technician at 16 with Pye Telecommunications in Cambridge which was purchased by Philips Electronics.  Following initial training, Justin joined the wireless development group at 18, which he ended up managing after a rapid career rise.  During his time in Philips he worked on a variety of large scale projects including a two year ex-pat stint in Australia. After Philips began to withdraw from the professional communications market Justin joined wireless telecoms start up Ionica and managed the system integration activity up to the point of establishment of the first pilot network.  After undertaking various consultancy roles he founded Hidalgo Ltd in 1997 and was the driving force behind the Equivital product concept.  He left Hidalgo in 2011 and is back in the consultancy business with GWA.  

Rob Gordon

Rob started his career at Logica, where he worked for 18 years in a variety of software consulting roles, including a stint at Philips Telecom where he first met Justin.  He  had a brief spell at Ionica as a Systems Engineer before becoming Software Development Director at Hidalgo Ltd.  During this time he undertook consultancy roles mainly in the mobile radio arena, specifying product and system features including location and security related functions, and maintaining the ETSI TETRA direct mode standards.  He was also responsible for software development within Hidalgo including the Equivital product firmware and supporting applications.  He left Hidalgo in 2011 to return to full time consulting with GWA.