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GWA Technology

GWA offers innovative development and management services to technology businesses and users. With extensive experience in the communications, medical and consumer market sectors we can help deliver innovative product and system solutions to our clients.

We specialise in product concept creation and in refining value propositions into reality.

We will help to plan and develop an implementation strategy and alongside design and development skills we can offer technical project management and market introduction support such as regulatory planning to bring your product to market.


We believe all good product and system design start with capturing the goals and aspirations of each project in terms that the users will value. Using simple structured techniques, we aim to do this ahead of diving into  “how to” mode. Given that bringing any new offering to market is never for the faint hearted being clear on what makes a different and attractive value proposition is essential for our clients.

Solving Problems

Taking the challenge of the value proposition and turning it into reality is at the core of what we do. We think no product or system should ever be considered the same and be treated with a one-size fits all formula. We organise around the product or system not around a fixed organisation. Good Architecture and the correct mix of infrastructure (methods, people and tools) are the best way to de-risk the design phase alongside the use of agile principles.

Delivering solutions

Without delivery, good design isn’t worth anything. Making the transition from design to sales is always hard. We maintain focus that the product or service always ends here. We are used to working with customers across the globe and with distributed supply chain manufacturing and service deliver partners to make this happen on behalf of our customers. We believe strongly that product delivery only starts with launch and use early life tools to build incremental reliability and added value.

We enable companies to deliver on their ideas

We enable companies to deliver on their ideas

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