The decisions made early on in a project such as interfaces, electro-mechanical and software splits dictate much of the effort , risk and resilience to change that a project has to manage. It an old idea, but often missed in the haste to start making “stuff”.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System design specifications
  • Interface specifications
  • DFMEA and safety case development


We can offer firmware and application development services including:-

  • Real time embedded control (typically C based implementation)
  • PIC and ARM Based MCU’s
  • Ux design 
  • Embedded comms (ie: BLE, WiFi)
  • iOS and Android App integration
  • IoT solutions with cloud back-ends

Hardware Design

Our hardware design services include:.

  • Embedded micros
  • Data acquisition
  • UI design
  • Battery powered , very low power solutions
  • Wireless Comms and embedded RF designs (BLE, LPR, GPS , GSM)
  • Rapid prototyping and fast turn PoC solutions

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